Strategic Plan / District Improvement Plan

Our Best Laid Plans

I think everyone can relate to making plans for something, whether it isfor the family vacation, a trip to the grocery store, or hoping to getto work even though you have a “routine” dentist appointment. Plans aredesigned to take into account the where, when, how, and even “what if”.Those of us who are into planning every minute of every day havedifficulty with people who don’t plan anything. Those who live fromminute-to- minute look at the planners as an enigma while wondering whyanybody would use such valuable time in such a feckless way. Plannersorganize time because planning provides direction and sets a purpose,whereas those who live in the minute-to-minute mode believe the bestlaid plans often go astray.

As the CEO of a large organization, I can tell you that lacking a planthat all employees and customers of the school system can point tocreates a lack of context. Everyone should be able to understand why weallocate money, why we hire staff or why we change where positionsexist, and why we are working toward a particular goal. Setting annualgoals is important, but it is better for the organization to look at thebig picture of where we want to go, how we think we will get there, andto discuss the strategic steps that will need to happen within theorganization and the impact in the communities so that no one is leftuninformed. I have recommended to our school committee to make it one oftheir goals to develop a strategic plan that will steer our course forthe next three to five years.