Emerson School Extended Learning


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Please take a moment to explore the many diverse enrichment opportunities that are available for the Emerson School K - 5 Extended Learning Program participants. These activities are organized by month and run in six, eight, or ten-week sessions. Please note that some of these activities require a registration and/or activity fee. You will be notified and billed via email when the activity fills. Once an activity is filled the activity will be CLOSED. Visit our activity calendar for a complete listing of events. 

In addition to the activities listed on our calendar, the dynamic Extended Learning Program staff also offer a variety of exciting daily activities that do not require registration. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions for an activity please email Laura Dwyer at ldwyer@nrsd or chat with your Site Coordinator. We are always looking for new ideas to share with our students. 

MUSIC WINTER SESSION CLOSED!(Violin & Piano Lessons) CLOSED! No need to drive to music lessons! Marcia Kidder Desilets(mkidmusic@gmail.com) an exceptional music instructor with over 30 years of experience in piano, violin, and viola instruction will be offering 1/2 hour private piano lessons and small group violin and viola lessons for interested K - 5 students. Violins and violas may be rented for a low monthly cost through the Marcia. Lessons will be offered in 10 session increments. Your child can now learn to play the piano, violin or viola as part of their day! Please email Marcia at mkidmusic@gmail.com to reserve a lesson time. Space is limited!
Grades:  K - 5
Where:  Emerson School
Time:    Between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm
Days:    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Cost:     $33.00 (1/2 hour private piano, violin, viola lesson)
               $20.00 (45-minute group session violin or viola lesson)

LIBRARY WEDNESDAY OPEN Small groups of interested students will walk to the Bolton library to enjoy the many wonderful opportunities the library has to offer its visitors. Please take a look at the library's exciting March calendar for this months activities. We encourage parents to sign their child or children up for a Bolton Library card so that students will be able to check out books! Weather permitting.
Grades: K - 5
Day: Wednesday
Time: 3:30 - 4:30
Grades: K - 5 
Cost: No Cost 

NEW! AMERICAN RED CROSS BABYSITTING CLASS (5TH - 8TH) Ms. Tina will be offering an American Red Cross Babysitting Class. She has been teaching CPR, AED, and First Aid (lifeguard training and WSI) for over 30 years. This training will empower participants with the skills and safety strategies to effectively provide care for younger children. The training also will allow participants to earn First Aid and CPR/AED Certifications that will be effective for two years. Space is limited to EIGHT participants!

Grade: 5 - 8
Time: 3:30 - 5:00
Location: Emerson Gym
Dates: 4/23, 4/27, 4/30, 5/4, 5/7, 5/11, 5/14, 5/18 UPDATED 2/26
Cost: $20.00 

 Rocket In The Sky.pngSPACE & BEYOND Participants will step into the shoes of a rocket scientist and learn the fundamentals of flight, propulsion and rocket design. They will have fun exploring astronomy and trying out various flight designs from hot air balloons to hover crafts (and many more!). "Launch Day" will bring some real excitement to these budding astronauts! Participants will build rockets as well as discover the fundamental concepts involved in launching and recovering many different types of rockets. Participants will make and take home their own complete Mad Science rocket.
Grades: 1 - 5
Time: 3:30 - 4:30
Location: Emerson Gym
Dates: 4/3 - 5/15 (NO CLASS 4/17)
Day: Tuesday
Cost: $105.00

~MAY 2018~

THE EXTENDED LEARNING PROGRAM'S GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! A CIRCUS OF TALENT! Dinner and Talent Expo! Don't be shy, this is your time to share your talent! You may choose to sing, dance, mesmerize us with your theater skills, or thrill us with your magic tricks! 

The stage awaits you, this night belongs to you! Whatever your talent maybe bring it to the Florence Sawyer Auditorium May 11th.
There will be a delicious Italian Dinner from 5:30 - 6:00 for our Bolton, Stow, and Lancaster families, friends and community members, and from 6:00 - 7:00 the Greatest Show on Earth! will take place in the famous Florence Sawyer Auditorium!
Grades: K - 5
Location: Florence Sawyer Cafeteria/Auditorium
Time: 5:30 - 6:00 Dinner
         6:00 - 7:00 Greatest Show on Earth!
Date: May 11th
Cost: Free