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The PreK-12 Nashoba Regional School District includes students from the towns of Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow. The three picturesque and attractive communities are located 20 miles northeast of Worcester, and 40 miles west of Boston, with easy access off Interstates 495 and 190. The area maintains its rural character with working farms and commercial apple orchards. Read more...

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Announcements and News 

Middle School Mock Trial Program

Mock Trial is an exciting opportunity for middle school students to experience the law and apply their civic knowledge in a proactive environment. Team members will assume the positions of  lawyers and witnesses.  They will work on Civil and Criminal cases and learn the law as actual participants in court cases.  Read more...  

NRSD Requests Proposals for High School French Exchange Trip (ADDENDA)

The NRSD is accepting proposals for travel and tour arrangements for the Nashoba Regional High School French Exchange Trip.....Read more  

Enterovirus D68 Parent Information....Read more 

Nashoba Ranks High

The Boston Business Journal used district-wide MCAS scores for all grade levels as well as SAT and PSAT results to rank the top-performing school districts in Massachusetts.  We ranked 24 out of the top 25 in the Commonwealth.   Given that there are 242 public school districts in the state, this puts NASHOBA in the top 10% of school systems in the Commonwealth.       Congratulations!        As parents, families and students, you work hard each and every day to succeed, so you should feel great pride that our district has earned this honor.  

Each year a number of organizations rank area educational institutions.  We know that these rankings are read by our parents, students, and  community members.  They do say something about the work we do day in and day out.  While the headlines grab your attention,  it is the methodology that they use that grabs ours.  We look to see why we are in the ranking, what the sample was, and how the  methodology components add up.  One section of their methodology may be the difference between being included or excluded. Each section is a meaningful segment, but because it is just one, it doesn't detract from the totality of the good work in which our students and educators are engaged each and every day.  We are a strong district, and a strong high school.  We know what we have to improve, and we know that we can't just rest on our laurels where we are successful. We strive to be better each day.  

Best School System for the Buck --

162 in the country per Newsweek, 13th in MA (up from 451 in the country in 2013) --

294 in the country per The Daily Beast, 7th in MA --

35th in MA in Boston Magazine's "Best Public High Schools" rankings -- 

AP Participation and Success Rates Continue to Rise:

More Massachusetts public high school graduates are succeeding on Advanced Placement (AP) exams today than took them a decade ago, according to the 10th Annual AP Report to the Nationfrom the College Board. Last year, 27.9% of MA public high school graduates in the class of 2013 scored a 3 or higher on an AP exam during high school, up from 25.5% two years ago and 16.8% a decade ago. A score of 3 or higher on an AP exam is predicative of college success and college graduation. For more info, go to

Nashoba Regional High School 2013-2014 School Profile   Read more.... 


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