Assistance Program for Lead in School Water

The NRSD facilities department manages multiple public water supplies across the district, including the wells at Hale MS, Center School, Sawyer School (including Emerson), and the Nashoba Regional High School. These well sites and water supplies are managed by the facilities department and operated by Whitewater, Inc. As they are considered public water supplies, we maintain compliance of the water supply per DEP requirements, reporting, and testing schedules. Based on the schedules provided by the DEP we maintain a testing regimen for both copper and lead which usually runs between an annual and every three-year testing requirement. We were proud to receive the DEP, Public Water System Award in 2013 for “outstanding performance and achievement” and continue to maintain the systems with the same approach now.

Our latest testing results all fall below the DEP issued action levels. Additional testing will be completed as our DEP mandated sampling frequency requires or by inclusion in the proposed RFI.

Nashoba Regional High School (12/06/19 Test)
Lead: 0.008 mg/L (Action Level .015mg/L)
Copper: 0.145 mg/L (Action Level 1.3 mg/L)

Nashoba High School Q4 - LCR Report

Nashoba High School - Consumer Notice

Center School (9-11-19 Test)
Lead: .0002 mg/L (Action Level .015mg/L)
Copper: 0.560mg/L (Action Level 1.3 mg/L)

Notice of School Tap Water Results Stow Center School

Florence Sawyer School (10-7-13 Test)
Lead: .004 mg/L (Action Level .015mg/L)
Copper: .142mg/L (Action Level 1.3 mg/L)

Hale Middle School (9-10-14 Test)
Lead: .006 mg/L (Action Level .015mg/L)
Copper: .354mg/L (Action Level 1.3 mg/L)

PFAS Testing June 2019.pdf

The Lancaster Schools are on the Town of Lancaster’s public water supply which is managed by the town and the local BOH. I have discussed with Mr. McNutt (Town Manager) the RFI program and our plan to submit the RFI for inclusion into the program. If accepted, I will share results with the Town of Lancaster, and the local BOH of the District’s member towns.