Health and Nutrition Services

School nursing practice embraces two professional disciplines- nursing and education. Children learn best when they feel safe, are attentive, energetic, happy and well. School nurses serve to ensure that students are able to learn by helping to identify, prevent and resolve health related factors which interfere with learning. 

Each Nashoba Regional District School has at least one full time registered nurse who is also licensed through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Coordinator of Health and Wellness and the School Physician are available for consultation.

A child must be healthy to learn and a child must learn to be healthy
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Nashoba Regional School Health Services School nurses:
  • Provide health assessments, first aid, and emergency care for students and school staff
  • Perform illness assessment, care and referral
  • Promote injury prevention, care and referral
  • Conduct state mandated screenings, including vision, hearing, growth and postural
  • Develop and implement Individual Health Care Plans for students with special health care need
  • Provide Special Education consultation
  • Oversee medication administration and assessment for prescription as well as over the counter medication
  • Maintain confidential student health records
  • Provide referrals to access community health services
  • Provide health promotion, counseling and education individually and in the classroom setting
  • Monitor immunization compliance and communicable disease control
  • Monitor and promote environmental health and safety
  • Oversee emergency preparedness and response

Health                     Nutrition
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NEW! Online free or reduced lunch application

If you feel you may qualify for free or reduced meals, please complete the application below and return it to your child's school as soon as possible.  
Free Reduced Application FY19

Menu Pricing
~Lunch $3.00
~Reduced Price Student ~Lunch $.40
~Milk $.50 (carton) - $1.00 (bottle)
~Water $.50 (8oz) - $1.00 (16 Oz)
~Ala Carte Snacks $1.00
~Breakfast $2.00 (High School Only)
~Reduced Price Breakfast $.30 (High School Only)
~Faculty and Staff Lunch $3.75

Please note: Students with a negative balance may not purchase ala carte items. Snacks, drinks or second meals). Students whose accounts are in arrears in the amount of $13.75 or 5 meals will receive a nutritious alternate meal until balance is paid.