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Florence Sawyer School
Grades K -5

Welcome to the Bolton Extended Learning Program!

Spring Bulletin Board 2020

PM Site Coordinator: Tina Rumsey

AM Site Facilitator: Tina Rumsey

AM Drop Off:
If your student can exit the car by themselves, you can pull up to the middle door around the back of the Emerson gym, beginning at 7:25am. Please do not arrive early and block the road around the gymIf you do plan to get out of your car to help your student, please park in the parking lot and walk your child to the door.

PM Dismissal:
FSS students  will be dismissed from their classrooms to the main entrance where they will be met by Extended Learning staff members. Students will have the opportunity to refill their water bottles and use the restrooms before transitioning to the Emerson Gym.

Emerson students will be dismissed from their classroom to the Emerson Gym. They will be greeted and signed in by Extended Learning staff. 

Updated PM Pick Up Guidelines:
A staff member will meet you at the Emerson gym door with the sign out sheet. Your student(s) will grab their belongings and be dismissed to you.  Please make sure to always have a photo I.D. with you.

 If your student is going to be picked up by someone new, please email: bhannigan@nrsd.net and your site coordinator.  Photo I.D. must be shown, and pick ups must be done by individuals 18+. 

All students must be picked up  by 6:00pm
Accounts will be charged $1.00 for each minute after 6:00pm. Excessive lateness (more than four late pickups) will result in termination from the program.

Registration for the 21-22 School Year is closed,
please sign up for the Waitlist.

Site Contacts:

Hours of Operation
AM Program: 7:25am-8:25am
PM Program: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Half Days: 12:05pm - 6:00pm

AM Extended Learning, Emerson Gym/Cafeteria
PM Extended Learning, Emerson Gym/Cafeteria