Mary Rowlandson Site (K-5)

Grades K -5

Welcome to the Lancaster Extended Learning Program!

Dance Group at Center

PM Site Coordinator: Joyce Basile

AM Site Facilitator: Patty Petkauskos

AM Drop Off:
Between 7:25-8:00am guardians may pull up to the circle at the front entrance of MRE. Students may walk to the front door alone if an Extended Learning staff member is waiting to greet them at the door. For all drop offs after 8:00am, guardians must walk their student to the door, buzz them in and walk them to the MRE cafeteria.

PM Dismissal:
Students will be dismissed from their classrooms directly to the Extended Learning Program. Extended Learning staff will greet/check in students at the MRE cafeteria.

Updated PM Pick Up Guidelines:
Option 1: Pull up to the front and call Extended Learning, 978-368-8482, ext. 1034. A staff member will ask for your name, and will help your student(s) collect their belongings and escort them out. The staff member will also bring the sign out sheet for you. 

Option 2: If you don't want to call, please press the doorbell, as per usual. A staff member will ask for your name, and from there they will help your student(s) collect their belongings, and will walk them down to the front with the sign out sheet.

If you arrive during recess, the procedure will be very similar. The sign out sheet will be available outside for you to sign, and a staff member will escort your student(s) in to collect their belongings. After grabbing their things the staff member can either walk them back out to the playground, or meet you at the front door. 

 If your student is going to be picked up by someone new, please email: and your site coordinator.  Photo I.D. must be shown, and pick ups must be done by individuals 18+. 

All students must be picked up  by 6:00pm
Accounts will be charged $1.00 for each minute after 6:00pm. Excessive lateness (more than four late pickups) will result in termination from the program.

Registration for the 21-22 School Year is closed,
please sign up for the Waitlist.

Site Contacts:

Hours of Operation
AM Program: 7:25am-8:25am
PM Program: 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Half Days: 12:05pm - 6:00pm

AM Extended Learning, MRE Cafeteria
PM Extended Learning, MRE Cafeteria