January 13, 2016

Packet for the School Committee Meeting
January 13, 2016
6:00 PM
School Committee Room
Emerson School, 2nd Floor


Policy DI - Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
Policy BGD - School Committee Review of Regulations
Policy CHCA - Approval of Handbooks
Policy JLGA - Life Threatening Allergies

TD Bank Donation to DECA

MASBO Report Review - Arlington
MASBO Report Review - Chelmsford
MASBO Report Review - Wellesley

School Committee Calendar of Activities

Timeline for Superintendent's Search
Key Decisions for Superintendent Search Process
Screening Committee letter template
DECISION TREE - General Publication-2
Looking for a Leader
SAMPLE survey Waltham
SAMPLE survey Dartmouth
SAMPLE survey Hopedale

Meeting Minutes of 1-6-16


Ms. Romasco received correspondence from Erika Dow, regarding a Bridges Program. Bridges is a curriculum based program designed to address inter-generation and cultural material into schools through in person dialog and group projects.  Volunteer seniors come into class rooms and work in small groups in collaboration with teachers and students.  

Ms. Romasco received correspondence from Mercedes Lobera, thanking the school committee for their service, commending the work they are doing, dedication to the children of the district and their professionalism. 

Mr. Darcy received correspondence from Qi Zhao expressing her gratitude and appreciation for his service to the district and her child.