Individualized Education Program (IEP)

The individualized education program (IEP) is a legal document which is designed to outline the student’s special education needs as well as those goals and special education services required in order for the student to access the curriculum and make effective progress. Each plan is individually tailored to the student’s specific needs. Please see the IDEA regulations at 603 CMR 28.00 (Link)


The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provides a copy of the guide of how to use the forms and the intent of each area of the IEP.  Reviewing the guides will assist with the steps of the IEP process.

A copy of the drafted IEP must be provided immediately after a team meeting, or with 10 days, as our school district provides a draft and a summary of services at the meeting. (Sample Team Proposal Form, IEP Check List)

Once the draft IEP is reviewed school placement is discussed.  At the Team meeting, after the IEP has been developed, the Team shall consider the identified needs of the student, the types of services required, and whether such services may be provided in a general education classroom with supplementary aids and/or services or in a separate classroom or school. The Team shall consider all aspects of the student's proposed special education program as specified in the student's IEP and determine the appropriate placement to provide the services. The Team shall determine if the student shall be served in an in-district placement or an out-of-district placement and shall determine the specific placement according to the following requirements:

(a) The decision regarding placement shall be based on the IEP, including the types of related services that are to be provided to the student, the type of settings in which those services are to be provided, the types of service providers, and the location at which the services are to be provided.

(b) The placement selected by the Team shall be the least restrictive environment consistent with the needs of the student. In selecting the least restrictive environment, consideration must be given to any potential harmful effect on the student or on the quality of services that the student needs.


When convening an IEP team, the list below are the mandated members of the IEP TEAM:

  • Student’s parent/guardian, the student, if they are 14 years of age or older.  Please know we encourage student participation in the meetings, and often parents requests students to participate prior to age 14.  We work with families to determine if a student should participate in all or some of the meeting.
  • A District representative who has the authority to commit district resources (TEAM Chairperson)
  • A general education teacher who is knowledgeable about the student
  • A special education teacher who is knowledgeable the student Professionals who have credentials that allow them to interpret evaluation results for each assessment completed 

At times, there may be outside collaterals that will attend IEP meetings, such as adult transition agencies, outside therapists, outside evaluators or other invited members requested by parents. In the vent you plan to bring an attorney or advocate to a meeting, kindly notify the TEAM chairperson.

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