Regional Agreement Amendment Advisory Committee

Regional Agreement Amendment Advisory Committee (RAAAC)
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The Nashoba Regional Agreement Amendment Advisory Committee Looking for Community Members, one from each town, Bolton, Lancaster and Stow

The Nashoba Regional School Committee is forming the Regional Agreement Amendment Advisory Committee (RAAAC) composed of three (3) School Committee members, three town officials (3) one from each town from the Select Board or Finance/Advisory Committee, and three (3) community members, one from each town with preference given to School Council members. The RAAAC will adhere to Open Meeting Law (OML).

The charge of the RAAAC is to review the current agreement for updates/changes to bring the NRSD Regional Agreement up to date with laws, regulations, policies and changes since the NRSD Regional Agreement was last amended.

The RAAAC will engage in detailed work involving reading documents between meetings, comparing documents, and working with the suggested edits, comments and suggestions provided by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and members of the RAAAC. The process will include a public reading of the draft agreement  before the last RAAAC meeting in January 2022. The draft agreement then goes to School Committee for approval before being submitted to DESE for review and then to the member towns to be included on the warrants for the Town Meetings and voted by the citizens of the three towns. (The certified voting at Town Meetings with the final document is then submitted to DESE for the signature of the Commissioner of Education.)

The proposed  meeting dates are Wednesdays, 10/27, 11/10, Tuesday, 11/30 and Wednesdays, 12/8, 1/5 and 1/19 from 7:00-8:15 for meetings. The meetings are currently planned via Zoom.

If you are interested in serving on the RAAC as a community member. please contact Leah Vivirito, NRSC Chair, [email protected], or Dr. Mary McCarthy, RAAAC Chair, [email protected] before 10/20/21.