Mission and Vision

The Vision of Our Future

The Lancaster Luther Burbank Middle School's purpose is to build wisdom, knowledge, responsibility, and compassion by engaging the head, hands, and heart of all its students. Students accept the challenges that the school offers in order to achieve academically, artistically, and athletically. A lifelong curiosity, love of learning, and willingness to take appropriate risks are developed. Students, staff, and parents feel good about being in the school.

Specifically, the school has an atmosphere that is respectful, positive, and safe, is welcoming, is aesthetically pleasing, offers challenging ,differentiated instruction with clearly stated goals, provides diverse experiences beyond textbooks and the walls of the school building, encourages discovery of connections between the individual and local and global communities, provides access to all types of instructional resources such as computer technology, books, and equipment that support the curriculum and enhance communication, and encourages students, staff, and parents to work together to achieve the school's vision.

Brief History

The Luther Burbank Middle School was built in 1974 and was originally known as the Lancaster Middle School until its renovation in 2002. Prior to 1974, students in K-8 attended the Memorial School and Center School located in the center of Lancaster, Massachusetts. Those in grades 9-12 attended Nashoba Regional High School in the neighboring town of Bolton. The Lancaster Middle School first opened for grades 5-8 and operated under the leadership of Principal Larry Tata and Superintendent Frank Mitchell.

Since that time the town of Lancaster joined with the towns of Bolton and Stow to form a district K-8 level in the Nashoba Regional School District. In the year 2000, a building project began for the construction of the new Mary Rowlandson Elementary School that would be attached to the Lancaster Middle School for housing grades K-5. The Middle School would be renovated for grades 6-8 and renamed the Luther Burbank Middle School after the famed botanist//geneticist, Luther Burbank, who was born in Lancaster in 1849.

During the renovation project, middle school students attended classes in the new Rowlandson building next door. Under the leadership of then-Principal Michael Grenier, former Superintendent Dr.Johanna Van Houten, and the Nashoba Regional School Committee the new Luther Burbank Middle School opened in September 2002. The current principal is Mr. Sean O'Shea