1:1 Chromebook Program

Welcome to the homepage of Nashoba's 1:1 Chromebook program. Students in grades 6 through 12 are provided a Chromebook to use at school and home. Students in grades 3-5 are assigned a 1:1 chromebook for use in school.

A dedicated mobile device offers students anytime, anywhere access to rich educational resources and 21st century learning experiences that align with the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks. Consistent access to a mobile device ensures that students are provided opportunities to use technology to create, collaborate, communicate and think critically. A 1:1 environment empowers students and teachers to leverage a world of resources in their learning. The Nashoba Regional School District is committed to providing authentic and enriching academic experiences through student use of digital tools for research, innovation and problem-solving in preparation for future educational opportunities and careers.

Chromebook Repair Process:

For all Chromebook related issues, please open a ticket at NRSD Help Desk

  • The support team will examine the Chromebook and try to resolve the issue on the same day. If it cannot be resolved, the student will be provided a loaner Chromebook.

  • When the Chromebook repair is completed, students will be notified using their school email (mynrsd.com).  Students are expected to check their email on a daily basis when their Chromebook has been turned in for repair.

  • To ensure that loaners are tracked and returned, they will be disabled after two days of the student being notified the repair is ready to be picked up. Students must bring the loaner back in order to receive the repaired Chromebook.

  • Any malicious damage to Chromebooks will be documented and parents / guardians will be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement as stated in the "1:1 Chromebook Procedures and Guidelines". In these cases, a loaner Chromebook will not be provided until payments are received. 

1:1 Chromebook Procedures and Guidelines (updated as of June 3, 2019.)