The Innovation Pathways Program at Nashoba Regional High School is an exciting venture designed to transform the learning experience for students by directly linking their education to real-world applications and future careers. By focusing on high-demand fields identified by the state of Massachusetts, the program offers students hands-on learning opportunities through internships and capstone projects. This approach not only enriches their academic journey but also provides them with practical skills and insights into various professional sectors.

Integral to the program is a series of technical and advanced courses within Nashoba’s curriculum, aimed at deepening students’ knowledge and preparing them for post-secondary success. Additionally, through strategic partnerships with local employers, students gain early exposure to career options, helping them to make informed decisions about their future paths. This blend of experiential learning and academic rigor ensures that every participant is well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The technical and advanced coursework students take within their Pathway is fully integrated into student's overall progress and credits earned for graduation.

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